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download: BRAC leapfrog lessons from biggest cashless bank BKASH


 join our co-editors at http://openspacetech.blogspot.com if you wish to celebrate sustainability goals empowered by youthful community builders

download practice of peace chaps 1,2 by harrison owen found open space  

2016 Diary of Millennial Sustainability Exchanges - add one isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com Brooklyn: & Moores Million youth social solutions world January; &Kenya 28 January;  more www.economistuniversity.com 


Jim Yong Kim: Education is a Good Investment in China -

china 2030   - infrastructure bank : china, bangladesh ... enemy isnt other instituitions its poverty!

half of world is aged under 30- everywhere youth's (and sustainability's) second greatest enemy isgraduate unemployment 

what can be done- www.worldclassbrands.tv  www.brac.tv  http://jobenomics.com 
GYcommunity  Open Space China  Techcrunch China

http://smbaworld.com/ mathematically for those of us who argue social world trade maps 10 times more ehatl and walth generation than MBAs have been mindset trapped in -  there are close systemic design connections between sustainability goals and these four goodwill auditing /  entrepreneurial models of doing good business :

4 conscious capitalism led by john mackey with over 20 future capital chapters animated by world citizens

3 preferential option poor led in faith circles by Pope Francis and end poverty banking and human development circles by Jim Kim

2 yunus social business 

1 my (chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk) 1995 Economist Intelligence Unit book on valuing (learning living scripts) greatest purposes  - be these of biggest brands or deepest heroines or any open space and collaboration networking connections in between


join 40th year of economistuniversity.com survey on who to trust to editing 17 sustainability goal curricula - khan academy style rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com

goal 1 end poverty - top votes sir fazle abed, jim kim once he's understood china rising the way that eg rower did

goal 2 start with whomever Irish pm recommends as he's really up for this goal- ask whom he trusts most in Rome to get the un food networks collaborating to the full -when it comes to milk based foods give danone's riboud a chance to share his global social business maps especially in china partnerships -thanks to additional reporting from youth at yunus.tv and globalgrameen.com

China's second greatest cultural revolution in modern times may have occurred octber 2015

on the tenth year of harrison owen bringing open space to china - and the first time beijing freed all

provinces to join in listing social changes theseextraordinarily  hard working peoples most want to commune around

watch out for the only known reporting in both chinese and english of this amzingly graceful even 

which of the 17 goals have forward summits into 2016

goal 11sustain communities/cities Quito  17=20 Oct


7 wonders can transform each societies back to sustainability realkity goal by goal!  linkedin UNwomens whats app (1) 240 316 8157 chris macrae

First Draft 7 wonders GOAL 5 GENDER EQUALITY

5.1 end core assumptions of macroeconomics -eg GDP - that made it the perfect system for compounding gender inequality and trapping mothers and children in industrial age’s least sustainable localities

5.2 understand how 75 million poorest women developed bangladesh 1.0 in the race to poverty museum (pre-digital quarter century to 1996) --microeconomics through social village networking
and POP value chain redesign  (Preferential Option Poor)

5.3 understand particularly from bangladesh and kenya Mobile Partners with poorest women who have leapfrogged  missing infrastructures Since 1996 eg cashless banking, microsolar ...

5.4 Join in boston’s mit and pih student-friendly ecosystems (eg entrepreneur competitions) regarding  mobile architectures of next 20 last mile bottom up global corporations for poorest

5.5 study which academic partners of UN and world bank and open society progress open system revolutions of sort indicated above
Sustainability investment metrics can “disadvantaged” youth now gain by being sustainable alumni of

5.6 help bring a global empowerment summit to your region with
Understanding which partners use this opportunity to change non-sustainable aspects of education
Aspects of education and the borderless connectivity systems changed by 4000 fold increase in spends in being globally locally connected

5.7 Coach women superstars etc  to see which markets eg fashions women can first lead into totally new responsibility orbit;
Form a superstar club representing every different culture and bridge to peace blossoming around the world

we invite every young learning person and investor in future to celebrate the idea that china & us millennials learning friendships can urgently sustain the world


debate of july- update 30 sept 2015 thanks 7 billion Pope Francis 

you tell usday 3 of chinese female millennials sustain development goals.ppt day 3 of chinese female millennials sustain development goals.ppt, 36 KB  

isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com  or whatsapp fans of unwomens 240 316 8157 https://www.linkedin.com/in/unwomens

extra global social references 1 2 for 20-35 year olds- dilaogues on social world trade-  dim 3 of world record book of jobs creation

blog at welcome to home of Biggest Change Month  linkin https://www.linkedin.com/in/unwomens 


 please note any reporting errors are mine alone chris macrae


lets turn each of the 17 sustainability development goals into 

  • 7 hour training sessions for leaders of sustainability investments and 
  • 7 week on-demand MOOCs for students who action innovations that chinese millennial women of sustainability demand most


NOW It turns out that sustainability development goal 11 is friendliest for chinese millennials women

-safe and sustainable cities linkin all the other goals that young women and fans of investing in families 

most want to co-produce -and cities are in massive collaboration to share social solutions -for example as 2000 latin american youth

celebrated yesterday in dc with the latin american development bank and blum berkeley and MIT media lab and copenhagen's 50 yera learning curve


 if you find best way to change a city from loving cars to loving people you love to share it with any city motivated by the same sustainability goal


attached our after action debriefing  from end of day 3 chinese under 30 women sustain the world = day 10 biggest change month

- of course this is a hectic co-editing process- why not join in


some next actions:

day 5 where can coaches of dreams become realities  --- extend next to from usa to china OR ...

day 7 st marys day -maryland's alumni day of birth of state

day 9 unhabitat day and roundtable lunches where billionnaires and youth quiz each others understanding of sustainability -and send brief to the mayors apprentice Arnold S?

day 10 discussion of pope's inspiration of  education partnerships curriculum  with public university system of US's 2nd richest state

day  20 preparing visit to beijing of the most massive transformation facilitators network of them all  Welcome to Open Space and 

day 24 test toll out of globalempowerment state by state summit


please tell us how you can most happily add in to these twin diaries of Biggest Change Month and  Chinese female millennials futures

if you dont know how to make links shown in slide wither whatsapp me at 240 316 8157 or give me 48 hours to program in first 15 links to slide


many thanks chris macrae washington dc region and fan of 5 billion being learning satellites 






Which innovation components of sustainability goals and exponentials  does each leading partnership wholly integrate
Keynsian future history mediation by/for poorest (women or families) of global social value whole truth
First explicit question of professional inconvenient truth 1906 gandhi; nearest gandhi got to sustaining system solution partnership with montessori; by 1930s Keynes school general theory epicentre of this;  46 far east poorest first to liberated post-colonial world peacefully where culture respected mothers roles; since 68 (POP) preferential option poor approaches first translated by BRAC as bangladesh's curriculum of how worlds poorest mothers develop 100+ million nation; main global social sectors applied to health, jobs-led education, food security, banking of microfranchises; 2015's sustainability years ultimate question needs to illuminate: why and how  china's millennials will be make or break in webbing all of sustainability's cultural revolution innovation opportunities
pro-jobs leverage of key moments in spending over 4000 times more on global village commns
Note W4E leapfrogging through mobile universal connectivity of human digital networks has only been possible since 1995 as the merging net generation confronts freedom challenges of era of increasing global village coms  (economistuniversity.com) spend from 128 to 4096 that of 1946 levels - map how the first triad of mobile leapfrogging mit-bangladesh-kenya
- prior to 1995 first 7 doublings of global village communications tech (ie 128 times more than spent 1946) went into tech and big science apps of satellites, arms and moon races, closed systems leverage of silicon chips moores law- in more detail 1981 to 1995 saw the bridging of global digital networked communication but this was designed round the biggest organisations nit the peoples sustainability challenges of universal human connectivity 
escape from unsustainable value chains (eg carbons)
Following up 25 year models of linking in majority of boston's smartest medical students (Pih.org). Jim Kim's world bank asks 25 year old professionals to make complete list of global value chains that are not yet optimal for sustaining humanity-and then to commit professional skills to pop mediation of each chain; partnered a year later by Pope Francis and ultimately catholic youth as largest semi-formal cultural collaboration identity of sustainability
science spiritually innovated by system mapping at more micro or more open level
Eg nanotechnology is a pursuit einstein would endorse in his greatest finding - whenever old science says there is no more room to innovate, mode dynamics at more micro level; however the most challenging transformation beyond carbon energy's easiest but increasingly scarce, bellicose and dirty extraction to natures abundant clean ones still has no partnership open to all youth to action network; this risk to irreversibility is now 20 years beyond the 1976 timelines set by friends of The Economist's survey of Entrepreneurial Revolution. Ironically only neville williams (orignally carters clean energy lead scientist) and muhammad yunus took these timelines serious but their knowledge on microenergy has not been codified as an open curriculum in spite of efforts by britains royal family to get britain's microeconomic or public media on this case
Total changeover to open elearning network world
In south free university movement with mandela extranet partnership blessing has led this since 1999 or where youth open tech hubs linking open source solutions. In western pro-youth twinning with other hemispheres,  early partnership drivers of this include Global university of poverty where students bring back solution cases from villages to change curricula . IF the UN is to empower youth as core to the sustainability goal generation then UNAI has lot to live up to in selecting eg best partners for Amrati www.amma.org

there is huge risk that obama's current Kenya/ethiopia trip will add noise and conflict to understand africans most needed to share with china/far east asia on this hopefully through mediation by yazmi

there is an urgent need for what dr ranga nows of amrati to unite naila before she goes off and makes her own circuit of this in a way that serially excludes all the connections dc millennial students most urgently need to be invited to transform  (eg with world ban sytart pf year peru meet october and francis visist to dc late september at same time as un start of changeover sustainability era)

next week i have monday, wednesday, thursday available before west coast trip to catch up with hiro


rewind of scotsman obituary

Norman Macrae, journalist. Born: 23 September, 1923, in Königsberg, East Prussia. Died: 11 June, 2010, London.

NORMAN Macrae was widely respected as a journalist, but it was his almost uncanny ability to accurately predict economic and social change that led many to regard him as an intellectual colossus.
Norman Macrae was born in Konigsberg, now known as Kaliningrad, in 1923. His father served as the British consul in Moscow between 1936 and 1938. Macrae was educated at Mill Hill School, London, but spent his summers within the heavy walls of the diplomatic compound in Moscow. At that time, Stalin still had a firm grip on the Soviet Union and Macrae was more than aware that embassy staff "disappeared".
Macrae was called up during the Second World War. He described his role as an RAF navigator as a "public-sector one, with public-sector productivity, as a teenager supposed to throw bombs about as an RAF navigator, creating a slum in the heart of the continent. By the time I got there, the Russians were coming in from the other side.
"All the politicians, including (Winston] Churchill and (Theodore] Roosevelt, told us these were fine, liberating democrats. And, of course, I knew from those school summer holidays so briefly before that those were astonishing lies."
Following the war, Macrae enrolled at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, to read economics. Although he enjoyed his studies, he was less a fan of the "sub- polytechnic Marxism", which is how he described the air of intellectualism that filled the halls of the university.
He graduated with a first and began postgraduate research before quitting in 1949 when the Economist came calling, offering the princely sum of 8 a week for a six-month contract. It proved to be a wise decision, as he remained with the publication for 39 years.
As it turns out, 1949 was a year of significant change for Macrae, as he also married Janet, with whom he would have a daughter Gillian, and a son Christopher.
Macrae had an intellectual curiosity which the Economist allowed him to explore, and this led to many of his most remarkable predictions of national and international significance. In 1962, Macrae wrote a piece headlined Consider Japan, at a time when many in the western world had forgotten the country existed.
Japanese pride had been rocked by its Second World War defeat with the 1945 atomic attacks and as a country it had effectively gone in to hiding. Macrae saw something more, however, and predicted that Japan would become the world's greatest manufacturer.
This was considered such an absurd concept that one reader contacted Macrae's editor advising him to provide the clearly malfunctioning journalist with a sun hat to keep his brain from being fried further.
It was in 1962 also that he spectacularly quit the Economist in protest against the magazine's editorial on the Cuban missile crisis, which he saw as poor in judgment and lacking in realism.
He was back at his desk within a matter of hours, how-ever, having made his point.
Macrae's prophetic abilities continued: he forecast the 1975 oil-price crash despite having increased fourfold just two years previously; he foresaw the global obsession with privatisation and in 1983 he wrote that the Berlin Wall would fall at Christmas 1989, which wasn't a bad estimate.
Meanwhile, his knowledge of the USSR and economics led to many articles on the inaccuracy of the CIA's analysis of the Russian economy, of which Macrae was eventually proved to be correct; and in 1984 he co-wrote a book with his son Chris, The 2024 Report: a future history of the next 40 years, in which he wrote about a new technological phenomenon that would link people and organisations worldwide using personal computers.
He was, of course, talking about the advent of the internet and the effects it would have on the world.
He went further however, predicting of accessing this web: "It will be miniaturised so that your personal access instrument can be carried in your buttonhole, but there will be these cheap terminals everywhere."
It was also in this book that he expressed his concern with mankind's productivity levels and the strain it puts the planet under, claiming that the decade 2005 -15 would be the period in which human impact on the planet would reach irreversible levels. We have yet to ascertain whether that prediction is an accurate one.


we believe that china & us millennials learning friendships can urgently sustain the world- maybe its crazily optimistic to value this-
but if this could be part of your future work or schooling's goals too please tell us

.Hello from Macrae family, Washington DC

In research for book World Record Jobs Creators, one chapter will be on why not unite millennials world around one e-channel showing all teachers and students most affordable choices of  job creating and dashboarded skills delivering courses


We intend to be in san francisco conducting interviews around 9 August on this- is there anyone at khan academy who would like to talk to me?. While i can always come back another time this date precedes china research visit of critical impact to this collaboration and millennials sustainability goals


Currently the most collaborative channel i know of for making this happen is the 150 country elearning satellite yazmi | Beaming Knowledge to Everyone owned by an Ethiopian neighbor of mine in washington dc but i welcome views of other possible meta-channels



sincerely chris macrae  dc mobile 240 316 8157

archivist- Year 44 of elearning newsletter started at The Economist and friends of UK national computer assisted learning project 1972


Hello from Amy and family and friends at http://www.flycn.com.cn/: I love to teach chinese millennials english in such a way that they can grow their professional competence in chinese and english

- and better yet celebrate job creation with worldide millennials. On my first trip to USA I discovered everyone wanted to celebarte my idea

 AMYcreativity1 amyworldfirst-samara yazmi meets blecher maharishi cubaworldfirst amyicaf you tell me how we can co-create jobs for china and millennials

more friends from us trip -

william china us friendship association (stanford chapter)


naila women4empowerment

hiro akira-foundatiion

dr ranga yazmi head of programs

leslie tech hubs across africa www.iospac.es

zimbabwe's blind children quartet

magikid studies of how to bring summer camps to china

friends of canadian-china  schooling system

mr and mrs ICAF 





China Joy


Worldwide Joy





Japan starts up far east rising





S Korea joins in eastern development



ChinaDiaspora:East's Superports -HK, Taiwan, Singapore...





Continental agrarian keynsianism

Diaspora 3rd richest;

Mapping supereconomy of millennials era

Peru and colombia lead the way in

chartering what bottom-up faith

(prefential Option Poor- Liberstion Theology

) Latin American families want 

see consequence from 1982 on redesigning

affordable  globsl heslth

see cosequences  from 2012 for challenging

all professions millennials value most for sustainability

Pop of education proposed by Brailian Paulo Freire= first

appliedny BRAC's sir fazle abed in  bangladesh to curriculum

of how tens of millions poorest village mothers develop a nation


Moon landing

intel starts up 68 moores-law doubling of chip capacity every 2 years

Satellite age lifts off

south's own development ideology emergespop




Bangladeshvillage mothers start

Social networking 1.0 of end poverty's greatest race

Economist Entrepreneurial Revolution celebrates birth of open learning era



Metacity SE Asia

 student paul farmer commutes between haiti

and harvrad medical school as part of 7 year

concept development of applying POP to health service

of poorest 

Soros has started billanthropy in S Africa

Rome helps POP Poland



HK Free

Diaspora pepares inward investment

 jim kim and paul farmer unite to form www.pih.org

Rome POP BostonHaiti

www berners lee



Metacity mainland flourishes

 porto alegre invents world social forum

presidnt bula red-eyes to try and unite

the best of wsf amd wef for humanity 


Dhaka mobile women4empower


Dubai rising

African-Asian Open society satellite launched





Mandela extranet lift off

Kenya lift-off micro empower



World olympics

MA orient www

 2012 jim kim secomded to POP the world bank;

2013 Pope Franccis says count on me too

2015 cuba is freed from exile and share good news

of ending moter baby aids transm,ission 

world bank to start its year 2015-2016 in Lima 

Smart mobile to linkin 4 billion peoples Micro GD P



Uniting global social -millennials








we welcom corrections of exact local dates that world citizens movements took back the 4000 times increase
in spends on global vilage technology in ways taht increases millennial sustainability everywhere - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

findings from Entrepreneurial Revolution Year 40 of studying pro-youth education



in the future pro-youth countries will let undergraduate students choose their MOOC combo of best for their world curricula- and they will be able to be tested/certifiied on contexttual mastery of that combo economically at all sorts of local hubs which will also be incubators and accelerators of projecrs students have voted for spending lifetimes on and societies have massively celebrated as exciting ideas for multiplying value   - join the summit on how to link this together at www.microeducationsummit.com

moreover free tertiary education courses will be available for those who can become societies' most value multiplying apprentices - right now if the world's number 1 pro-youth economist muhammad yunus was to host a tv reality aprentice show he'd likely offer top prize to those who design per to peer nursing colleges - for 2 main easons- 1) after 16 years at egrameen of being first to experiment with ER of mobile hubs in pooest villages, nurses have become the most life critical knowledge app users; if we understood how to linkin a nurse from every community- both poorest developing world ones and ruchest old mens ones - we would have the foundations for mapping economical healthcare system  -the impact of the girl effect has never had a greater chance to shine the joy of productive freedom and healthy connectivity wherever you may be


Amychina.net is taking over smbaworld.com - help us do this as fast as possible - search what millennials mean by such tags as global social, social innovation ... 

2015 is our 40th year since The Economist survey mapping why sustainability bgoalks would depend on goodwill of china and borderless millennials


online library of norman macrae-  

 1975 Asian Pacific Century 1975-2075    .... 

1976's Coming Entrepreneurial Revolution; 12 week leaders debate

1982's We're All Intrapreneurial Now; why not silicon valley for all

7 May 1977 survey of Two Billion People- Asia 



of course education should also give scholarships to collaboration entrepreneurs - those with the greaest open tech innovations to free worldwide - especially those who help all of the net generation co-produce millennium goals as much as youth may choose to do so -however when it comes to understanding who will be youth's 10000 greatest job creators - we caution that the profile of such job creators will not ofteb be large risk takers- microeconomics needs entrepreneurs who will plant and prototype tests in small ways linking in to societies that want to be a lab because of search for a desperately needed oilution - and most of these successful job creating solutions will be replicated to be community owned not driven by some top group who aims to extract from the community more and more every quarter- that old mba model is clearly the most exponentially unsustainabe in the world- if you find a mathematician who truly doesnt understand why and wants to - ask them to contactchris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

  • 5 months ago
  •  EconomistUniversity - Since 1946 millennials' 64 trillion dollar question had been posed as will spending

    over 4000 times more on global village communications technology 2030 versus 1946 sustain jobs and collaboration joy of millennials,

    or depression and ever less productive freedoms of peoples and communities

    First 4 doublings of global commns tech age


    China Joy

    Worldwide Joy




    Japan starts up far east rising




    S Koreajoins in eastern development



    ChinaDiaspora:East's Superports -HK, Taiwan, Singapore...




    Mao'sl agrarian keynsianism and barefoot medical service


    Diaspora 3rd richest;


    Moon landing

    intel starts up 68 moores-law doubling of chip capacity every 2 years

    Satellite age lifts off -telecoms will mean death of distance age where productivity networked around the world will explain 10 times more sustainable value than what you can do only with people liviing/working next door to you

    1972 The Economist starts what becomes in 2015 the 44th year of sustainable millennials open learning diariesinspired by observing online student learning networks at UK Computer Assisted Learning Project


    China Joy

    Worldwide Joy



    During DC's 20th year of celebrating creative childrens across nations, Chinese millennial first to be briefed on Yazmi's world record jobs search across Africa



    elearning satellite yazmiproposes one channel empowering students and teachers to choose between all greatest job creating and sustainability curricula











    rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com  with suggestions to enter in below of where youth can severely question top down leaders -one- click away 


    Apologies everyone- after trying for 7 years to help celebrate linking in of SMBA (where S stands for Social or Sustainable Investment) it turns out to be the most impractical idea I have ever wasted time on. Fortunately it has a neigbouring idea that is very simple. Please vote which university alumni systems are both job creating and joyful in collaborating with each other

    The Norman Macrae Foundation of journalists and youth entrepreneurs (now in 40th year of debating net generation's next 3 billion jobs) -we know of the free university system in s.africa oriiginated around taddy blecher and celebrated by all Mandela partners including branson. google africa, kiva

    We know a jobs creating university out of the poorest county in usa is the number 1 project american students want to build as a celebration of nobel laureate yunus and his family- this is a slow burn collaboration started in 2000 by over 100 of america south's poorest universities

    We would love to see MIT join in - it is the number 1 jobs creation alumni network in the world and could be a perfect partner for other universities mentioned whose students live in societies that most need social/sustainability business franchise experiments - see our facbook page for updates

    http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10151198791347247&set=o.8778204628&type=3&theater and add to the debate of other top 10 ways youth can create jobs http://jobscompetitions.ning.com/ or report in from your region at http://yunuscity.ning.com/ or help us search 100 leaders who want 2010s to be yout'hs most productive decade everywhere http://www.wholeplanet.tv/


    Norman Macrae Foundation 5801 Nicholson Lane Suite 404 N.Bethesda MD 20852

    Tel 301 881 1655 email chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk skype chrismacraedc F microeconomics
    80 years ago - Keynes gave the human race a great gift -always structure capital around investing in next generation's productivity - one that my father spent a lifetime using to tell stories that excited him about human beings and which made entrepreneurial revolution a worldwide genre as The Economist turned from 3rd ranked english weekly to one of a kind global viewspaper.



    dear vidar


    as you may know what started as a student competition 12 years ago connected by african american universities with action learning cultures rooted in martin luther king's dream to reality-making and overlapped with where yunus spent 7 of his formative years interacting with us education system before returning to his new nation


    ... is thanks to www.ofcvc.org hundreds of partners and bangladeshi micro-systems hosting passion of bhuiyan viralising through 8 states including 5 new for the year 2012-3; i am one of the early smallest sponsors of the uni of n carolina student competition september-


    may i bring 2 things to your passionate attention in case you would like to meet to dicuss them further (or of course directly chat to ofcvc)


    1 i have noted that n carolina is one of the places that sends out student teams to competitons to pre-announce medcal brakthroughs - eg in atlanta's conference last week:

    a) students were announcing a new compound entering clinical trials which may be a radical new cure to mind generative diseases in that it can be shown to rebuild dying cells in the brain not just try and alleviate symptoms of those with parkinsons, hodgkinsons, various sportmen brainbashed diseases (potentially a critical linkin for monica to connect superstars give back to community movement)


    b) another group believe their new tech can bring down the cost of testing equipment needed to detect ecoli from 50000$ monster units to something mobile and with a costing structure ultimately similar to an inkjet printer if they can sequentially build a big enough market' ecoli is just one of a family of pathogens they can help proactively monitor; i must wonder whether mackey might want to know of such progress as it could be a game changer in organic foods industries


    these two cases can be thought of as just random examples that the student competition prompts especially when univerities perceive yunus as a master judge - i wonder if there is a way of offering such student entries not a prize which us general judges cant usually judge for such big future changes but where mutually agreeable a hotline to you at grameenhealth - this may become more salient as we go north and west of the 100 historically black universities whose collaboration has built the most urgent needs competion solution openly animated across the states. Moreover starting future student years we could also get more proactive by deliberately choosing some medical university capitals - currenltly our focus is generally maximising youth job creation especially african-american celebrated- obama's senior adviser on women shared the gala awards dinner keynotes with yunus last saturday in atlanta


    we also have an agreement in principal to hook up with similar youth university processes across continent of africa led by taddy blecher partners that include mandela, branson (who will soon link in caribbean competitions too) , google and kiva; may i be cheeky and urge you to share advance us calendars as taddy blecher is recognised by skoll to be the number 1 person specifucally changing universities so that every student has virtually free access to being a job creator in communities; the japanese who once rated my dad as the number 1 pro-youth economist are keen on all of the above judging by embassy celebrations they have been hosting on these foci


    2 one of the pojects i judged last week comes from a north carolina community where credit stopped flowing- they are building community-owned tools around social bartering networks which is very different from facebook's origin as a social gratification network ; it was my dads 1984 view -future history of entrepreneurial revolution to 2025 - that the knowledge network economy can be 10 times more productive for youth than previous economies provided decision-makers and educators most of the pressing needs knowhow exchanges start with non-monetary ways of connecting a circle of people sharing the same lifechanging service passion-


    if you already know some of the people who will be opening up the n carolina branch of grameen bank- would it be practical to fix a meeting in case any of this local bartering intelligence can be valuable to you?- the key point emphasised by n carolina barter circle action reseach is the greatest value multiplying barters loop a circle of say 10 barterers not what two would trade one to one -ie the community smartest banker or network tool designer aims to optimise sustained trust between


    a actions something b needs who actions something that c needs that ... j needs actions something a needs


    so spiralling positive value exchange all round the community of purpose



    it wouldnt surprise me if at local to global SB parnering solutions to yunus greatest millennuim goal actions we need to make a game open to 10 partners that need to search mediated by yunus why they collaboratively need to know each other over the long run that an audacious goal takes to build - my little experience is that all huge green -zero carbon goals have come out of such an implicit process; nobody in the world today has worked harder than yunus to host such multi-win worldwide partnering; it could be time to ensure that smba curricula practically help net generation students scale this interaction/collaboration game. that is arguably the most exciting takeaway from first 12 years of practising deep community-valuation student entrepreneur and job creation competitions



    chris macrae 301 881 1655

    Moores Exponentials Valuation & Law Game Version DEC10

    SB12: Yes we can the BBC world serve; other Social Business media projects SB11 JOSB; SB10 shareholder activism on purpose of economist   

    http://facebook.com/globalgrameen Can you help with YZ Crisis? first globally viewed Xmas Day 1976 as The Economist's crisis of Entrepreneurual Revolution. cb3.jpg

    Both Yunus & Zuckerberg suffer from a world where economists wrongly value network models on a moores curve .. eg can you help Yunus with 100 projects so 2010s is most exciting decade to be alive... - 2 types of e-projects at http://smbaworld.com/ & http://egrameen.com/....

    http://www.facebook.com/microeconomics Community is exponentially sustained by A) who we invest in B) who we hub life critical knowhow with C) who we market (exchange value with) 2010s will be most exciting decade if we help youth (net gen) change big systems that are destroyng community - eg wall street banks, ad spots, big healthcare and MBA edu - help us find 100 global village projects to do now. Good news: Collaboratiom's innovation value multiplies wy above zero-sum

    help us develop an index page to which of the 100 projects your community's sustinability needs next or your peer networks most want to help unsuustainable communities with

    Coming Soon : SB100 : 100 Unpros- my bar of london grandfather helped gandhi write up legalese of india's independence from English Empire- do we need 100 Unpro network to free us from Wall Street's global empire

    SB99 Change Social Business awareness and social actions of selected media - eg BBC and The Economist are two that interest me - how about you?

    SB98 develop a companion game to the emerging book  http://joyofeconomics.com

    SB97 Help form the association of family investors - more at http://blog.isabellawm.com http://isabellawm.com skype isabellawm

    SB96 Help mentor founders of tech start ups in the value multiplication possiblities of SB51 model http://businessmodels.tv

    SB95 help engage billanthropists at http://thegivingpledge.org to explore youths most exciting goals for 2020 and bottom up networks need resourcing other ways round than top-down; are other other bill clubs and how do we help them explore the most diverse contexts

    SB94 help us develop leadership quests around the world of 80 sustainability capitals - currently dhaka, paris, nairobi are capitals where we have mass in connecting sustainability leaders visitors might most enjoy meeting info@worldcitizen.tv

    SB93 help us list other project clearing houses and develop collaboration flows between such  eg http://globalchallenge.mit.edu/

    SB92 map where and how egov is offering world sustainability lead to and by its peoples 






























































































































































    To : Net Generators of 2010s Exciting decade : a celebration of your future collaboration goals 
    CC Hubs of The First Journalist of the Internet
    From The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant and Number 1 fan of Hi-Trust Entrepreneurial Revolution:
     ......Let IT Be 1 0



    & Let IT Pod

    The unacknowledged giant

    The unacknowledged giantAdd to Playlist

    Project SB3 Planet Economics Forum needed so youth can open space with world bank officials on solutions to ultra poor poverty and other climactic challenges of sustainability 

    Project SB1 what are the 12 types of partners that Yunus most needs help to search out if Consider Bangladesh linked by the joyful economics of global grameen is to free global markets to value sustainability's www exponentials round the number 1 collaboration entrepreneurs of Sustainability World Trade (SWT)

    SB1bis How do we create a meta-SB fund once youth and netizens have searched out the who who's of number 1 collab entrepreneurs of SWT

    SB2 how do we survey youth's top 20 goals for 2020 so as to define/update sustainabulity sans frontieres in the most exciting way. This can e,power the net generation can to bring done degrees of separation on life critical knowhow by smart and contextually natural networking through the 2010s  

    www.singforhope.org http://www.youtube.com/thegreenchildren
    www.singforhope.org :Sing for Hope is an “artists’ peace corps” that mobilizes more than 700 professional artists in our volunteer service programs that benefit schools, hospitals and communities

    SB3 How do we replace any dumbing down media hanging over from 20th C by smart 21st centiry media interpreted in deeply communl ways: to include education, mediation as well as channels designed round 10 times more economic community models which the first 30 years of Bangladesh microcredit banking has demonstrably invented using social business modelling and by digitally interconnecting community hubs


    Ian Macrae YZ Crisis part 2 Exponentially value of Y & Z networks will double or halve almost every year (or after dramatic facelifts more ferquently) depending on: A) what partners they make next, B) whether hi-trust keeps multiplying up, C) their joy of unique purpose is relentlessly meainingful (productive for more and more of the 7 bllion people) they entrepreneurially hub with http://www.grameeneconomics.com/


    In 2010 American congress votes Dr Yunus genius economist of our epoch. Do your societies and nations invest in leaders who know why the grameen economics that ends poverty in the developing world, also creates jobs for youth in the developed nations


    SMBAworld.com survey


    CP # 1 to 12

    Bookmark if available

    Your name & email or contact

    Tick what you want done


    Publish at SMBAworld.com


    Email correspond with editors chris & sofia


    Other : state


    Can You Help Muhammad Yunus’ worldwide Search for 12 Types of Sustainability Partner?


    For 2010 these appear to be the 12 types of partner that Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus believes can most urgently collaborate in revaluing sustainability of the world and its global markets


    Can you help Yunus, Global Grameen and his 50+ partners  sustainability to date find more collaborators in the contest between microeconomics and macroeconomics rule over what globalisation we compound?

    Sustainability Collaboration Partner (CP) Type 2010.1  


    Micro Sustainability’s Further Refs: Opportunities, Threats, Questionmarks

    CP1 Social Business Microeconomics case ReplicatorGrameen Bank – has about 50 microeconomic franchises to replicate around the world in addition to  the famed microcredit banking for the poor. These range from the most economic village model of solar energy to exciting applications of mobile 
    CP8 Global Corporate BrandsDanone started the most extraordinary revolution in global branding by partnering Grameen . This shows that world class brands can go way beyond the era of greenwashing - how many other corporate brand partners in sustainability do you expect Grameen to make by the end of 2010.?Current registered list 6; current pilot list about 14. 
    CP9 University Yunus CentresAbout 7 Universities have so far joined forces with Yunus in contributing parts of the missing business curriculum of freeing global markets to value sustainability and collaboratively empowering local community building. Europe leads the way with 3 – USA hopes to catch up with extraordinary California Centre opening end Feb 2010. Example of 8-collaboration partnership web that started in a university -endless nurseless villages (aka Gramen Nurse Institute ) began when Dr Yunus gave a talk at Glasgow Caledonian Uni -Nov 2008 -more
    CP11 DigiYouth Job Creation Labs & ForumsSince 1984 economists have forecast that technology will be used in the 2010s to create or destroy a billion jobs and the way youth are empowered to co-create is pivotal. As yet only Dhaka youth get this  microentreprenurial challenge –at least that is what the head of the Nobel judges came to celebrate with 1000 youth there summer 2008. Can you help the moderator of Dr Yunus 69th birthday party http://londoncreativelabs.com/conversations/  and co-moderator of dvd 10000 http://ynus10000.com/  map where other youth & digital job creation labs are rising? 
    CP4 Place Leaders – with governments lagging in collaboration leadership around resolving climate crises, who are the leaders in your place who are standing up for popular votes to return sustainability around the globe. Please note this issue is a huge one for true collaboration friends of Dr Yunus because Bangladesh is most likely to be the first 100 million nation to be washed away if we twiddle our climate clicking fingers too long with out coordinating actionCredit where credit is due – the royals hunt of the sun across Europe is one of the most encouraging place leadership networks for sustainability we have seen with Prince Albert in Monaco and Prince Charles in the UK networking funds and prizes. Traditional microcredit royals expected to join in are Queen Sofia of Spain and Prince Guillaume in Luxembourg. Please send us news of your nation’s hall of sustainability fame leaders. 
    CP10 Social Business Funds LeadersThree cheers for the geographical region of France leading the way on this with the first fund being one of Danone’s contributions , next 2 funds emerging around the Grameen Credit Agricole partnership and Monaco 
    CP3 Social Business festivals/summits timed to snap with your capitals number 1 photo call of the 2010s.Berlin trailed social business festivals during its 20th fall of the wall celebrations in 2009; London is asked by Dr Yunus to be the biggest SB festival of the early 2010s; cities are queuing up to form a collaborative millennium goal SC festival circle in 2015 with Milan taking a lead 
    CP2 Global branded foundations that get social business dollars recycling is far more economic that one time charitable spendsNike Foundation is a lead example with their Girl Effect brand putting up $5mn in a partnership connecting Grameen Nurse Institute with the worldwide race to end nurseless villages 
    CP5 World Hero Stages Beyond Tigers –its a strange media world when 50 types of sporting sensations can become world famous overnight but so few world cups exist for sustainability games heroines and heroesAs yet, Nobel is the only stage with world reach equal to any of the sporting world cups- what will be the second world stage to join in?  
    CP12 Citizen hubs needed to quality control open source replication of social business franchises and help traditional causes converthttp://Yunusforum.net  has been looking for citizen hubs to start this with monthly 100 meetings- as yet sustainability capital clubs haven’t emerged the way social capital and internet clubs celebrated the start of the 00’s 
    CP7 Collaborative Advantage of Nations- if Adam Smith was alive today, surely collaboration is the great network economics age advantage and the way to go above zero-sum in the way most global professions haven’t yet understoodBangladesh France and Germany seem to be the lead countries in collaborative advantage of nations with India looking a serious contender- more reports needed! 
    CP6 Trillion Dollar Audit and transparency mapmaking epicenters needs rectifying global markets ruled by systems that are too big to fail and this too big to free their market to value sustainability’s upward exponentialsAs yet Dhaka is the capital en route to every other sustainability capital – where will be the second capital that professions transform to value compound future rising instead of crashing 


    Collaboration Entrepreneur – term coined by alumni of Norman Macrae’s 1976 survey of Entrepreneurial revolution The Economist 25 December  which began hunt for missing system design of sustainability – references : 1984/85/86: UK 2024 Report /US 2025 Report/France Rapport 2026- a 40 year entrepreneurs’ future history of sustainable net generation; Biography of John Von Neumann first edition 1993 republished 2000


    job1.jpg.At 1 through 7 on sustainability's clock, muhammad yunus has 7 different institute names emerging from his Nobel Speech on social business system design as sustainabilty banking way ahead  It might be interesting for yunusforum.net editors  to find out if there is a definition and prime case of each to date -- chris macrae 301 881 1655 http://www.brandchartering.com/ http://www.smbaworld.com/

    1 America's Only Yunus endorsed Uni is also the world's first Institute of Social Business - it is as Calforina State  CSUCI. We hear rumors social business curricula will start Feb 2010.- Searches show little so far- eg

    The First Annual Emerald Awards™ of Ventura County will be celebrated at The Emerald Ball, slated for late February or early March of 2010.  Close to 400 friends will enjoy gourmet local and organic cuisine, organic and bio-dynamic wine, craft beer, and an organic signature cocktail.
    The Emerald Ball is currently in the planning stages and will feature a fabulous and unique “Sustainability Soiree” that will honor the leaders of Ventura County and raise money for a scholarship to CSUCI’s California Institute of Social Business.

    The Emerald Awards™ are presented by the same team that operates Green Home and Family Magazine, Social Good Consulting, Green Drinks Ventura/Thousand Oaks, Planet Good Radio and a number of other sustainability http://www.socialgoodconsulting.com/press-release-list/52-emerald-awards

    2 Grameen's Creative Lab http://grameencl.com/  began in Germany connected with a creative agency in Wiesbaden and hundreds of Yunus supporters who meet November in Free Univesrity of  Berlin. It seeks by 2012 and London's Sustainablity Oympics to connect 100+ global brand ceos in benchmarking how to free sustainanity of each of their global markets

    3 Outside of the world's yunus epiCENTRE in Dhaka there is only one fully authorised Yunus Centre - in Bangkok Thailand, AIT- some of its latest activities:

    meetings with CEOs of the HSBC has been particularly supportive in helping us to network with the banking and business community.

     briefing on the Grameen model of microfinance to the Senate Committee on Monetary, Finance, Banking, and Financial Institutions about two weeks ago.  That went very well. The Prime Minister of Thailand has just announced that he will chair a new national committee to establish guidelines for promoting social entrepreneurship.   Expect that there will be a role for the Yunus Center at AIT in this effort.

    Outide of Dhaka, the Yunus Uni world cup of officially connected universities concerned with sustainability appears currently to score as USA 1  Europe 3 Japan 3 SE Asia 1 Middle East 1 http://www.muhammadyunus.org/About/yunus-centre-partners/

    2009: yunusworld has been accelerating the four types of partnership shown; after four visits to Grameen HQ I have quite a lot of data to share on any of the above cases - reciprocally love to hear from anyone working in these cases
    2008 First Year of Future Capitalism
    yuNus top 3 goodwill monthly news ......

    3 April 2008
    HEC Paris establishes a new Chair on "Social Business"

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus, and HEC Paris Dean Bernard Ramanantsoa announced the founding of a Chair in “Social Business”

    Launch of Future Capitalism book: features Grameen Danone as world’s first multinational social business & explains how social business model has been validated from 30 years of developing the microcredit banking sector J1
    Business Week article F29-Yunus world's favourite goodwill entrepreneur whose goal of ending Financial Imperalism is as big as Gandhi’s
    Wall Street Journal on Yunus opening New York bank –how & why sustainability bankers would never have wasted a cent on subprime: M1
    Youtube with Gordon Brown from Number 10 Downing Street :21
    Grameen Health Launch of The Grameen Green Children Eyecare hospital social business (aravind model) in Dhaka: 12

    The Chair will be charged with developing a two-month training program on social business designed to complement the final-year curriculum of MSc in Management students at HEC or at other business schools and universities.

    World Economic Forum:  Bill Gates joins Leaders of Future Capitalism: J25
    Grameen Credit Agricole launch announced
    Parisian business leaders celebrate French edition and Grameen Veolia is announced
    Launch of Innovation Bank in Bahrain & announcement of 2 Billion $ inward investment in Bangladesh
    Top 25 dialogues of microcreditsummit year 008 are announced. They include industry sector responsibility response to Mexican abuse of goodwill and IP. 
    The objective will be to sensitize students to innovative approaches in business that contribute to reducing poverty and exclusion in both developing countries and developed countries such as France.
    SMBA News continues below...
    Book hits Best Seller list on last day of 12 city US booktour J24- in New York, nine year old investigative journalist leads humanity's celebration
    Doonesbury cheered as inspiring economics correspondent at London School of Economics talk - changing mindsets and mini-professordom is development economics biggest crisis  F15
    President Sarkozi orders HEC to provide an SMBA with Yunus a Chair of Social Business
    Milken debates with Human Innovation
    World's G3 : Grameen's Yunus, Genome's Ventner
    & Google's Schmidt

    Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner 2006, founder of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and also HEC Honoris Causa Professor since 2005, will co-hold the Chair with Martin Hirsch, High Commissioner for Active Solidarities against Poverty in the French government and former chairman of charity Emmaüs France.

    Alongside the creation of this Chair, a seminar will take place in partnership with the High Commissioner for Active Solidarities against Poverty on the HEC Campus in autumn 2008. This conference will aim to bring together French business leaders to help them reflect and act on how to fight against poverty in their work..

    The day after the UK book launch of Dr Yunus' Creating a World Without Poverty, 475 World Entrepreneurs (WE) were given a copy of the book and this letter from Dhaka. Here is a running log of initiatives which WE are pledging to conceive - please tell us at editor@futurecapitalism.tv of any ways you would like to join in
    Co-Brand Leadership
  • Verify 1000 Collaborative Alumni of Book
  • Ask those inspired by book's systemic maps: what lifelong difference they wish to connect because of book and for any advice on linking people in Dhaka with community www & win-win-win
  • Prepare e-grameen.com so www is ready for debate with 10000 rural telecentres on 6 life critical open knowhow compasses of community-rising ; e-health, e-agriculture, e-edu, e-gov, e-finance, e-consumer
  • Future Capitalism

  • Help conceptualise stock market presentation of Social Businesses
  • Maintain public records of which of top 100 global market sectors have at least 1 Social Business benchmark of how to use sector's knowhow to sustain humanity
  • Breakthrough top 10 conventional wisdom mindsets - what The Economist's 1976 Entrepreneurial Revolution survey called 10 green bottles
  • Social Business
  • Open Catalogues of Social Business at any popular space
  • Co-create an open (peer to peer) SMBA curriculum with goal of mapping Yunus Cities with as many SMBA as MBA
  • Develop Youtube libraries so people of all ages, genders and races can celebrate humanity debates with YUnUS
  • Social Action
  • Help with chapter 11 diary registers of youth and other social action teams
  • Link virtual and real citizen action spaces and hubs to Dhaka www (win-win-win) Portals such as http://yunussocialactiongroup.org/  
  • Help unite the large worldwide demographic groups - eg women 1 2 , youth 1 2 - who have least decision power but most impact on sustaining community
  • worldentlet.jpg
     chris macrae, DC us tel 301 881 1655 & London, & wholeplanet  editor@futurecapitalism.tv  
    Citizens are invited to develop and certify an open source curiculum around the Social ABC and maps of Social Business and Capitalism's co-creative future proposed by Muhammad Yunus, seconded by Bill Gates and "thirded" by you tell us info@worldcitizen.tv

    Help us make a quick start by cataloguing potential sightings of social business in your country. ( You can post at any of these spaces and we will develop an omnibus collection: F=facebook; I=I-Genius; N=Ned; G=Googlegroup- mail info@worldcitizen.tv t suggest another space)

    USA F  G
    India F
    Bangladesh F  G
    Denmark F
    France F  G
    South Africa F
    Bolivia F
    Brazil F
    Chile F
    Add Country F G

    Our next pre- and post- conference mentoring group  (mid may to mid august 08) aims to fucus on the top 25 microcreditsummit dialogues - we will prepare mentor group links to this at http://microcredit.tv/; the official summit site is  http://www.inamicrocreditsummit.org/ 

    This is the first time the worldwide's most successful network at ending poverty has been hosted out of the Eastern hemisphere. It is a huge oportunity for NW hemisphere delegates to build deeper cultural bridges. Reading the diaries of Mahatma Gandhi is recommended. For those who want a first introduction to the East's Yin & Yangs,  Alfonso Lingis, one of Satyagraha's deep western philosophers has donated this debating piece on cultural flows, and the spirit needed to bridge them.

    One always sees things in joy. It seems to me that there is a very fundamental

    kind of existential decision we make: do we believe our joy or do we believe

    our neutral states? In the latter case, the move is always one of prudence -

    not to make decisions in a time of enthusiasm when one is carried away,

    but rather to wait until everything cools down. I think one of the most

    important things there is - I would almost say one could make this a kind of

    maxim for life - is to always make decisions in a state of joy. One should

    believe one's joy more than one's prudence, or any cautious or fearful state

    of mind"...

    Obstacles to Dialogue Today, by Alfonso Lingis

     1.  Cultures in Dialogue

                Today the great centers of wealth and power that derive from the production and control of information--Houston, Silicon Valley, the Ruhr, Lyon, Milan, Tokyo-Osaka, Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, Mexico City, São Paulo--drain off the brain power of the outer zones--the scientists but also writers, architects, artists, and musicians.  The planet has also never before seen such immense migrations of poor peoples--so much of it forced or illegal.  These  people may bring only low-tech work skills, but they bring their cultural identity.  The great cultural capitals of proud nation states--Paris, London, New York, Sydney, Bangkok, Singapore--have become multiethnic and multicultural.

                But that has always been the case.  Mohendo-daro, Memphis and Thebes, Mahabalipuram, Angkor, Djenné Djeno in the Sahel, Teotihuac·n, Qosqo--all the centers of great cultures had been cosmopolitan cities, with markets full of foreign merchants but also with whole quarters of settled foreigners.  What we have come to know as distinctive and dominant civilizations--Egyptian, Persian, Chinese, Roman, and Mongolian--were the result of drawing toward themselves resources, artefacts, inventions, and concepts from the most diverse ethnic areas and cultures.  Anyone visiting Angkor Wat is struck to see altars on which Hindu deities dance around altars with seated Buddhas, friezes depicting everyday life so obviously carved by sculptors who had come from or gone to Borobudur, Chinese guard lions..

                  "Different cultures within a region appear to be commenting on one another," anthropologist Shirley Lindenbaum wrote ... continued

    Space for emerging win-win-win ideas

    goodwill multiplying media project: imagine an igoogle that updates with youtubes chosen by 24 correspondents of communities whose community share of voice mass media forgot -what 24 worlds would you wish correspondents to save: 1 the poor, 2 women, 3 youth ... africa ? america south? china? bangladesh & india? rest east? ... microCredit, microEducation, microHealth, microAgriculture, microGovernment, microConsumerChannels ...

    Ad Hoc Proposal for Developing SmBA
    Each year, teams stewarding their city or region's qualifications of SmBA will be expected to raise their minimum agreed practices. It is intended that by 2010 there will be an Smba summit modelled as truly as 
    WE can map around the parallel yunus annual wholeplanet celebration of humanity http://microcreditsummit.org  The primary work to be eligible for being a joint team leader in your city proposed as at March 2008 is to heave read the book

    Space for emerging win-win-win ideas

    goodwill multiplying media project: imagine an igoogle that updates with youtubes chosen by 24 correspondents of communities whose community share of voice mass media forgot -what 24 worlds would you wish correspondents to save: 1 the poor, 2 women, 3 youth ... africa ? america south? china? bangladesh & india? rest east? ... microCredit, microEducation, microHealth, microAgriculture, microGovernment, microConsumerChannels ...

    Ad Hoc Proposal for Developing SmBA
    Each year, teams stewarding their city or region's qualifications of SmBA will be expected to raise their minimum agreed practices. It is intended that by 2010 there will be an Smba summit modelled as truly as 
    WE can map around the parallel yunus annual wholeplanet celebration of humanity http://microcreditsummit.org  The primary work to be eligible for being a joint team leader in your city proposed as at March 2008 is to heave read the book

    When the Bottom Line Is Ending Poverty - Business Week
    image of review item Muhammad Yunus is a humble man who would resist being compared to Mahatma Gandhi. But the two have much in common as campaigners for social progress. While Gandhi's goal was the end of colonialism, Yunus' is just as grand: He means to reform capitalism to make it a tool for ending poverty. Think of him as Gandhi with a BlackBerry (RIMM).

    and to post us a bookmark with views on these 3 questions:
    what inspired you in the book that you want to be a citizen co-leader of smba

    what you commit in the future of life to do differently because of the book

    optionally if you have any ideas on how the 5 leading Dhaka team members and the 6.5 billion human beings can get to know how to celebrate humanity by bringing purposeful organisations to every community, please make suggestions

    Resources we are asking help in preparing smba curricula:
    include a correspondence course of 100+ short youtube videos with practice examples amplifing the books three-in-one social ABC maps

    a 40 slide show on 4 topics 0.10 to 0.1 system crashes; 1.10 to 1.1 social Actions, 2.10 to 2.1 social Business, 3.10 to 3.1 Future Capitalism maps

    reports from http://wholeplanet.tv/

    vote on other temporary resources in whether they are of value - eg here's an audio transcript - I would absolutely love to replace it with someone who is much more fluent at audio interviews - tell us when you have parallel audio transcripts so people can vote'

    Space for emerging win-win-win ideas

    goodwill multiplying media project: imagine an igoogle that updates with youtubes chosen by 24 correspondents of communities whose community share of voice mass media forgot -what 24 worlds would you wish correspondents to save: 1 the poor, 2 women, 3 youth ... africa ? america south? china? bangladesh & india? rest east? ... microCredit, microEducation, microHealth, microAgriculture, microGovernment, microConsumerChannels ...

    Ad Hoc Proposal for Developing SmBA
    Each year, teams stewarding their city or region's qualifications of SmBA will be expected to raise their minimum agreed practices. It is intended that by 2010 there will be an Smba summit modelled as truly as 
    WE can map around the parallel yunus annual wholeplanet celebration of humanity http://microcreditsummit.org  The primary work to be eligible for being a joint team leader in your city proposed as at March 2008 is to heave read the booka 40 slide show on 4 topics 0.10 to 0.1 system crashes; 1.10 to 1.1 social Actions, 2.10 to 2.1 social Business, 3.10 to 3.1 Future Capitalism maps

    reports from http://wholeplanet.tv/

    vote on other temporary resources in whether they are of value - eg here's an audio transcript - I would absolutely love to replace it with someone who is much more fluent at audio interviews - tell us when you have parallel audio transcripts so people can vote'

    What Chris Macrae feels is important

    Using measurement to simplify the Yunus message

    Standardising the language

    Empowerment & Sustainability

    The three forces in globalisation

    Force one - global down

    Force two - community up

    Force three - cross boundaries

    The Triangle

    Maps and Measurement

    GREAT Issues -

    GREAT Issues - globalisation

    GREAT Issues - globalisation: tangible accounting

    GREAT Issues - globalisation: risk considerations

    GREAT Issues - globalisation: media:

    GREAT Issues - globalisation: media - internet

    GREAT Issues - globalisation: media - virtual geography

    GREAT Issues - globalisation: media - community up stories

    GREAT Issues - revolution

    GREAT Issues - revolution: spiralling

    GREAT Issues - revolution: healthcare

    GREAT Issues - revolution: core costs

    GREAT Issues - revolution: exponential factors

    GREAT Issues - entrepreneur

    GREAT Issues - entrepreneur:  children are naturals

    GREAT Issues - entrepreneur: shifting meanings

    GREAT Issues - entrepreneur: quarterly focus

    GREAT Issues - ABC:

    GREAT Issues - ABC: quarterly focus

    GREAT Issues - ABC: purposeful re-investment

    GREAT Issues - ABC: scaling up

    GREAT Issues - ABC: social Action learning

    GREAT Issues - ABC: Business re-investing

    GREAT Issues - ABC: changing Capitalism

    GREAT Issues - ABC: from the grassroots up

    GREAT Issues - ABC: joint venture measures

    GREAT Issues - Trust:

    GREAT Issues - Trust: governance

    GREAT Issues - Trust: business game

    GREAT Issues - Trust: mapping

    GREAT Issues - Trust: Green Children

    GREAT Issues - Trust: compounding purposeful futures

    Mapping unites of virtual interaction

    Penalising virtual teamwork

    Destroying goodwill

    Knowledge Management

    Summing up:

    Summing up: remove existing conflicts first

    Summing up: prevent new conflicts

    Summing up: recognise interdependencies

    Summing up: we can change the mathematics

    Summing up: Dr Yunus' book

    Wrap up:

    Wrap up: 2 minute messaging

    Wrap up: SBA's instead of MBA's

    The rest of this site is under construction

    Have a question ?
    Mail it to us and we'll answer it on our Ask the Expert page.

    We seek to open source and peer to peer train up on services such as:

    • CIA - Community Impact Analysis is offered by Chartered Accountant  Peter Burgess, New York
    • Follow up book on how the 20th C divorced its 4 main organisational systems -National Government, Global Corporation, NGO and Development Elites (eg UN or world bank) from ending poverty is being prepared by Mobjtaba Sadria team, Aga Khan University, London

    If you are offering new tools that SMBA students should cross-examine, please email map@smbaworld.com

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    Wednesday, September 30, 2015

    to the archive

    which of the 17 goals  from UN pictures do POP chile/peru/rome/pop/kim curricula lead to?

     related references to pop curricula

    kimuniversity - and world bank opens year in lima JkI

    anything pope francis supports youth on gamechabging

    27 years of boston netowrks of PIH  -all young professionals making health affordable for all 
    8:21 am edt 

    Sunday, July 19, 2015

    10:59 am edt 

    Monday, December 20, 2010

    Storytell: The Economist & 11 Plus of Microcredit
    It is reported from The Economist Boardroom (Nov 2010 - Unknown Giant Celebration) that:

    A) In turn of the century (20) England it was commonplace for people - including would be professionals to go out to work at age 12 ...

    B) when the 11 plus (examination) was a most important qualification ...

    C) the recommendation for our 21st C world is make sure teachers as well as 11 year olds can all pass the 11 plus of microcredit
    7:53 am est 

    Wednesday, December 8, 2010

    Can knowledge workers create jobs faster than KM destroys jobs
    When it comes to the net generation, the early 1980s was the age of innocence for most people though I had spent 3 years in the 1970s working on the UK's nat dev project in computer assisted learning - we had 500 psychology students networked at a time across 4 universities elearning something they disliked (but I liked) statistics. Innocence was the last word I would use to describe the behaviour this hot media randomly stimulated. To this day every smart clue we learnt from these experiments seems not to have been integrated in so-called social networking tools   
    It was clear that one generation 1984-2024 were going to be connected worldwide and this would be both the greatest compound opportunity and threat to humanity. Spin would be going sustainability's right way for webbing local societies cross-culturally into globalisation - as far as dad norman macrae and other post-industrial revolutionary journalist peter drucker were concerned - if we achieved 10 times more human productivity in the first qurter of C21 and our talisman for actioning this would be investing in worldwide youth's capability to serve round the greatest goal- ending poverty by which we mean ending today's terrifying statistic of about 1 in five children being born into places where literacy, safety, and developing joyfully as child have next to zero chance of happening;  and health and hunger are life demanding challenges every day of a family's/community's existence  .

     http://www.google.com/search?q=macrae+site%3Aknowledgeboard.com&hl=en&num=10&lr=&ft=i&cr=&safe=off Around 2001 I took a refresher course in moderating with community building software volunteering for 3 years sa the Europaen Union's editor of KM and Enmotional Intelligence - I approve of networking around Daniel Goleman though I feel EI needs simplifying as is about all te positive energies of courage, love, trust, hope - how we mediate those with new technology and why they are the basis for net generating  collbaoration economy and way above zero-sum models of productivituy and demands if we dare to model and map such heroic purposes wherever they are truly shared nd so generted through time.

    Daniel Goleman's Master Class - Emotional Intelligence and the Brain

    Wednesday, 8 December, 2010 19:04
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    Dr. Goleman's review of the latest EI and brain data explains:

    ·  Brain tools for more effective coaching
    ·  Accessing the brain’s circuitry for sound decision-making 
    ·  The essentials for drive and motivation
    ·  The key ingredient to rapport and personal chemistry
    ·  Empathy and excellence.

    The presentation is ideal for
    · coaches
    · consultants
    · human resources officers
    · business leaders
    · managers
    · educators.


    Download other Daniel Goleman discussions at www.morethansound.net.
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