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I am fascinated to hear of any ideas on social business investments needed to merge the type of social business hub that http://the-hub.net/ designs and the sort of student club that http://www.mficonnect.com/ ; we made a well reasoned start on such debates in the 72 hours in london around the celebration of my dad's lifet time hosted in The Economist Boardroom 16 Nov 2010  

The unacknowledged giant  Isabellawm.com (and estates of norman macrae

award www.the-hub.net $100K of social business loans with particular foci linking in social business partnering of 2010s most exciting decade - dhaka, nairobi ...

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linking in clubs (entrepreneurs, youth in final 2 years of education creating jobs) and hubs: fascination happened when I started spending much of my life studying yunus and bangladesh - this was late 2005 ; london had just had the worst year of make poverty history in which my senior mentor died in 7/7; I was delegated -as network director of www.simpol.org - to observe all the network meetings between ngos- and all they talked about was how to raise funds not what they did (and wanted to replicate) in communities ; it was from there I heard of this magic nation Bangladesh in which development was community up

some of the first correspondence I got from dhaka was on how yunus was advocating students spend thitr last 2 years of education (whatever level you end schooling at) in teams designed round piloting what community services could empower job creation - for young people as well as those tehy served

AS EARLY AS 1982 Norman Macrae http://www.normanmacrae.com/intrapreneur.html clarified how different governace and purp[oseful leadership needs to be, so we can all be intrepreneurial now 

 practising intrapreneurship needs open space that is the opposite to being examined : where young people need to organise their own circle debate, pilot team projects, see which ones can sustain positive cashflow because they are doing something that is valued; the great thing about developing a service franchise deeper and more micro than anyone else is you are then in charge of how to replicate it across the net; if you are 100% social you open source it (although I suggest charging for certification otherwise it will get diluted); if you feel your community and you deserve all the value you have innovated I suppose you turn it into a for profit business - but beware - will you find investors who care about your original community and the unique franchise you invented; we've entered a decade where knowledge doubling can happen every year (so designing purposeful focus that can value multiply year in year out can lead to extraordinary human progress ); and there is a mathematical reason for an SB51 model http://normanmacrae.ning.com where you give away half of equity to a trust that will always make your original purpose better while you work out who to finance partnbers with the other 49% .

.Of course, if your origin is a charity and among volunteers and if you are offering nothing other thn a smarter way for local people to produce, the Bangladesh sb100 model, which ensures all the wealth returns to the communites that produced it, is the right way to go until the world has ended poverty and all the other conflicts that currently mean that only about one in two children have a fair chance of growing up to discover all they could be- and a world that fails to empower the productivity of half its population certainly isn't economical the way adam smith intended the discipline to be

 yunus now says its young people whose 2020 goals we should be surveying and which elder hubs should be designing net gen solutions to; I do not believe in social media which hasnt first mapped the "cross-cultural" teams that happen in real cities

so there are many ways in which the student school club needs to share its knowhow with citizens in hubs provided of course all are using business models that sustain communities; and linking in hubs worldwide is the simplest way job creating economics is going to win the war that wall street economics has started on all communities

as a parent of a 13 year old in arguably the worst suoerpower city of them all - washington dc - do tell me if you have a club-hub idea that needs social business investors chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - family investment associal http://www.isabellawm.com/ skype isabellawm

university teaching needs to get far more granuklar and context specific even if this means the one-standard examination needs to go the way of the dodo; i regard the monopoly universities have to certify brightest young minds utterly repulsive- the wall sgtreet mba syndrome proved this where we not only program youth with the least sutainable business practices on earth but we poverty chain them to university loans that force mbas to go into the kind of big banks that are currently trying to close all micro banks. Its a wonderful life doesnt exist in usa the way it communally did when the USA heroised workers- economics has been sposnoired by tje big gets big, and since its rules rule other professionals we are heading in countries like the usa to states where community is demolished, and that is terrifying for youth and families



There is hope that Brits have finally learnt our lesson - one of the rogue forces of tyring to do too hard to power over doing good in developing worldview of 2005 was tony blair; I utterlly applaud his new decade message for 2010s - time for granular gov, partnerships in millennium goals and upmicro foreign assiatance


here's an example of the peer to peer classes that young people host in open space taken from dec 2010 rootscamp washington DC http://sites.google.com/site/rootscamp2010/thewall/saturday-1pm- i have to say the group learning in these sorts of action learning groups excites me far more than anything I experiemced in the foirst 21 years of being taught

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